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  • Guangzhou XuCheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

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    Contact:Robin Lee

    Mobile: +86-13928808762

    E-mail: robin@chinaxuli.net

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  • Xu Li congratulated the 2013 photo machine Changsha agents - Changsha, Hunan Huaguang 2013 (autumn) Tian advertising four new exhibition smoothly
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    祝贺旭 Lai pictures of Changsha agents - Changsha, Hunan Huaguang smoothly in 2013 (autumn) Tian advertising four new exhibition

    Agency: Changsha New Huaguang

    2013 Hunan (autumn) Tian advertising four new exhibition

    Time: September 13, 2013 - the 15th

    Location: Changsha, Hunan Exhibition (Camp Road 19)








    1, indoor and outdoor digital inkjet equipment and accessories, UV flatbed printer, digital textile printing machine, heat transfer machine, digital imaging technology output devices, banners, cold laminating machine heat-mounted machine, stitching machines, laminating machines.

    2, various types of inkjet photo ink, ink, printing cloth, pictorial cloth, canopy cloth, mesh, one way vision film, cold mounted film, car stickers, sticky notes, adhesive, reflective materials, paper and other digital printing supplies.

    3, laser engraving, cutting, welding the word machine, CNC engraving machines, tools and related accessories; plasma cutting machine, bending the word machine, bending machine, cutting plotter, slot machines, polishing machine, plastic machine, system luminous characters Word equipment, signs / card equipment.

    4, acrylic sheet, PVC foam board, aluminum panels, KT board and other advertising sheet.

    5, the printer series: stylus printer, laser printers; printing supplies: ink cartridges, toner cartridges, ribbons, toner, ink and so on.

    6, installed plastic, indentation machine, including the machine, blueprinting, folding machine, Cutter, folding machine, pressure slot machines, round machines, drilling binding machine, multifunction machines and other recipes; Laminating Machine , related equipment and material image graphic multifunction machines, digital printing systems, high-speed copiers, plotters, engineering scanners, large format photo machine / Laser Engineering printers, thermal transfer equipment.

    7, Digital Signage: advertising, poster machine, 3D naked eye display LCD screen, touch one machine, electronic billboards, LCD stitching, interactive touch system multimedia information release system, management software, content creation services, network operator services.

    8, the exhibition display equipment; commercial space design and decoration materials; exhibition display cabinets and shelves; sales promotion and marketing equipment; portable exhibition series, stage truss and other POP products.

    9, all kinds of light boxes, 3D three-dimensional, multimedia advertising machines and other luminous products.

    10, logos, signs, luminous characters product, LED turn on three sides and multi-faceted product.

    11, LED display, LED chip / package / equipment, LED advertising light, etc. LED application products; LED lighting series.

    12, advertising gifts, advertising flags, tents / umbrellas, inflatable, non-woven bags, advertising three-dimensional paintings, recipes, all kinds of trophies / cards, meeting cards cards / lanyards, books, library, software, technology and other post-production all types of advertising media.

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