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  • Guangzhou XuCheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

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  • 2014 Spring Shaanxi Xu Li pictorial ads show - Shaanxi Science and Technology Xu name
    新闻分类:Domestic Exhibition   作者:admin    发布于:2014-03-054    文字:【】【】【

    Venue: Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center

    Show time: 3-5 March 2014

    Xu Li domestic agents: Shaanxi Science and Technology Xu name

    Address: Xi'an new city eight House Manor 11 on the 2nd row

    Sales: Ma 13649286564


    The Silk Road, Xi'an Economic Zone ? International Advertising Industry Fair Shaanxi Daily Media Group and the Advertising Association province organized by the contractors by the advertising company and Shaanxi Shaanxi Daily CMP Media LLC,, is the advertising industry event in the spring of 2014, held their first official ??? The exhibition will be a grand opening of the 2014 March 3 to 5, covers the identification system, advertising equipment, LED city lighting and advertising supplies display, communicate the results of the advertising industry, culture and advertising gifts and other industries closely related to all aspects of the show located in Xi'an Qujiang International convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition aims to meet the development needs of the "Silk Road Economic Belt", to the west and Shaanxi advertising industry to build up a broader and faster communication platform to enhance the prosperity of the cultural market in Shaanxi and Northwest, the response to the call of the country to vigorously develop the cultural industry!

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