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  • Guangzhou XuCheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

    National toll-free hotline: 400-961-1106

    Contact:Robin Lee

    Mobile: +86-13928808762

    E-mail: robin@chinaxuli.net

    Tel: 020-39294733

    Website: www.dgkrone.com


    Add:No.3 Haichong Road, Guannanyong Development Zone,Shiqi Town, Panyu, Guangzhou, China

  • 2015 Shanghai Exhibition - Guangzhou Xu Xu Li into electronic images carry powerful jet printing equipment exhibition
    新闻分类:Domestic Exhibition   作者:admin    发布于:2015-07-294    文字:【】【】【

    2015 Twenty-third Shanghai International Advertising New Media. The new technology new equipment and new materials trade fair

    Show Time: March 11 - March 14

    Venue Address: 333 Shanghai Hongqiao Road Song-taek National Exhibition Centre 5.1-A0019 Show

    Guangzhou Asahi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new rocket nozzle Epson four Xu Li photo machine X6-3304, with ultra-fast print speeds, high print precision and superior performance, stability, stunning debut 2015 Shanghai exhibition.

    In this exhibition Xu Li equipment is very honored to be named the 2015 recommended brand! All-round confirms the love Xu Li inkjet equipment received by the market, as well as print quality won the market test.

    Let us recall what Xu Li pictorial exhibition 2015 Shanghai wonderful scene Xu Li photo machine 2015 Shanghai exhibition. Exhibition site

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