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    新闻分类:Overseas Exhibition   作者:admin    发布于:2015-11-174    文字:【】【】【

    [exhibition time] November 2015 12-15

    [exhibition place] Thailand, Bangkok

    [exhibition] Thailand Asian advertising logo exhibition, Thailand is the first and the largest advertising signs.

    The twelfth Thailand Asian advertising exhibition was held in Bangkok, Thailand on November 2015 12-15, when Guangzhou Asahi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will be invited to participate in the exhibition.

    2015 advertising inkjet printing equipment will also usher in a new round of development opportunities and opportunities, Silitek photo machine will also be extended to foreign inkjet printing equipment market, customers and the foreign share more Silitek photo machine products.

    Advertising printing rapid development not only limited to the domestic printing market, the rapid development of the advertising printing has in the international printing market maintained synchronous development. Siliek photo machine together with you to witness the glorious moment!

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